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patriot retrievers dog training


We have 2 airing yards where the dogs are allowed to romp, exercise and allowed to run freely within a secure chain link fenced area at least three times a day in addition to their training time. We air our dogs in groups according to their sex, age, and temperament.

We have a 13 and 6-acre pond. It started out as a big pasture that had never even been farmed. We are surrounded by great habitat which makes it an excellent place to train a dog.

Our property, that we manage 24/7 365, sits on 40 acres and is located just 12 miles from Sioux Falls. The Training grounds are literally steps from our house.

The process takes about 3-4 months, depending on the type of training the client has requested. I also spend a lot of time working with the owners, teaching them how to use the commands and such.

"I feel I can get a dog from A to Z quickly and efficiently without leaving the property."


40 Acres With Two Large Ponds

Does the early bird get the worm...
Or is it the early dog that gets the bird?

Peace of Mind
Safety and care for the dogs during their stay is our #1 priority here.

 Always providing a clean space for them, staying on schedule with feedings and access to clean water. All 20 kennels are indoors in a climate-controlled building with fans and cameras. 


What makes us different

Managing the client’s expectations is huge.  When the dog returns home, they can fall back into their old behavior habits. And to prevent this, we are here to teach the owners/clients to be good dog handlers - learning the commands and how to handle them in the field. I would like the owners to come in once a week or every two weeks to go through things and have them run their own dog. Owners need to know how to “use” their new dog. Teaching and working closely with the owners are some of the things that separate us from other trainers.

gun dog retriever training

Contact me today about training for your gundog / retriever. I'm happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have. We're located in a beautiful country setting south of Hartford, SD. Just west of Sioux Falls.


Eye contact is so important! Dogs that have good eye contact, learn faster, and are easier to train.


Getting updates from our clients in the field is absolutely the best!!! Kona is a badass and she has been killing it!


There are so many great moments for you to have with a well-trained retriever. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have more questions.

professional gundog trainer near sioux falls sd
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